Earn Affiliate Commissions By Referring Your Friends.

Ashadee is Malaysia's first integrated affiliate marketing network. Signup as an affiliate to promote great products and get paid every two weeks to your bank account, PayPal, or via check.

Anyone can be an affiliate, even if you have no website or blog. Ashadee's system makes it easy for you to recommend products to your friends via FaceBook, email and other simple methods.


A Single Account to Manage All Your Affiliate Promotions

Unlike normal affiliate programs, you only need one Ashadee account to promote any participating vendors and products.

All commissions are recorded in your Ashadee account so you can check your performance easily. Since you're not dealing with many different affiliate program owners, you can get paid faster while spending less time keeping track of your affiliate sales.


Integrated Affiliate Banners & Social Marketing Tools

Get easy access to banners and promotional tools that you can use on your blog or website.

No website? Ashadee makes it easy for you to get started by recommending products to your friends on FaceBook and other social networks.


Guaranteed Commission Payment Every Two Weeks

Now you don't have to wait months for individual affiliate programs to pay you. With Ashadee, you are paid every two weeks by the payment method of your choice - PayPal, bank transfer or check.

Plus, we pay you in Ringgit Malaysia so you don't have to wait weeks or months to see real money in your bank account.


Built by Experts Who Understand Affiliate Marketing

Sick and tired of getting ignored or misunderstood by affiliate program owners?

At Ashadee we understand the needs of affiliates, since our founders have been in the international affiliate marketing industry for over 10 years.


Hands-On Affiliate Marketing Training Provided

New to affiliate marketing? We provide free training and online webinars to help you get started with affiliate marketing.

Now you can benefit from years of experience in the affiliate marketing industry, as our trainers guide you ste-by-step in creating a profitable affiliate business part time or full time.

You can signup as a Ashadee user for free. Your acount is setup instantly and no approval is required. Get your links and start making commissions right away!